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The Bel Air Ridge Homeowners Association Claray Clubhouse is available to rent exclusively by Bel Air Ridge homeowners / residents during the following days and times:

Sundays through Thursdays = 8:00 a.m. to 12 midnight
Fridays through Saturdays = 8:00 a.m. to 1:00 a.m.
Christmas Eve and Christmas Day = 8:00 a.m. to 1:00 a.m.
New Year's Eve and New Year's Day = 8:00 a.m. to 1:00 a.m.


$50 + $500 Security Deposit – All events where no catering, live band / music, and / or DJ services are used, the event ends prior to 9 p.m., and there are no more than 50 persons in attendance.

$250 + $500 Security Deposit – All other events.

The Board of Directors reserves the right to waive / reduce any fee / security deposit upon review of a request to do so on a case-by-case basis. The waiver / reduction of any fee / security deposit does not obligate the Board to approve any similar subsequent request.

Any request to use any areas of the Bel Air Ridge Community outside of the Clubhouse in connection with the event which is the subject of this application (including streets, sidewalks, park or other Common Areas) may require Board of Directors approval. 

Security Deposit = The Security Deposit is required for all Clubhouse rentals and may be partially or completely retained by the Association for the following reasons:

  • Violation of any terms and conditions of the Rental Application & Agreement.
  • Interior and / or exterior damage to Association property, or conduct requiring additional clean up and / or maintenance by the Association
  • Any activity or conduct of guests that interferes with any resident’s use of the recreational Common Areas including, but not limited to, swimming pool, spa, pool deck and / or tennis courts.
  • Unnecessary activation of facility fire and / or burglar alarms.
  • Failure to adequately clean facility after use.
  • Failure to return and / or loss of Clubhouse keys.

Two separate checks (or cash) must be submitted for the Rental Fee and Security Deposit to the Association Management Office with the completed Rental Application & Agreement before any reservation can be confirmed and finalized. Both checks will be deposited and cashed immediately upon receipt. The Rental Application & Agreement and all checks must be signed by the Bel Air Ridge homeowner / resident, and made payable to the Bel Air Ridge Homeowners Association. If the payment of the appropriate Fees is not made by the designated time, the reservation cannot be accepted.


  1. The Association homeowner / resident renting the Clubhouse shall be the host of the event / function, and shall be present for the duration of the event / function.
  2. The Dues accounts of all homeowners applying to rent the Clubhouse for private use shall be current, with no past due balance(s).
  3. Reservations for private functions must be submitted to the Association Management Office no more than two months prior to the function. 
  4. Reservations for private functions shall be accepted, confirmed and finalized on a first-come, first-serve basis.
  5. Due to Los Angeles City Fire Codes, use of the Clubhouse for functions is limited to a maximum of 100 persons (including hosts, guests, caterers, musicians, etc.).
  6. Use of the Clubhouse for private events / functions is limited to the interior facilities and surrounding upper decks. Persons may not use or visit the swimming pool, spa, pool deck areas and / or tennis courts without prior written permission. Homeowner / Resident applicant is responsible for the actions and conduct of all guests of the private event / function which is the subject of this Rental Agreement. Any guest’s conduct that interferes with the use and enjoyment of the swimming pool, spa, pool deck, and / or tennis courts, including but not limited to, screaming, shouting, dropping or throwing of objects over deck railings, and similar conduct, may result in loss of some or all of the Security Deposit, at the discretion of the Board. 
  7. Sitting on, climbing on or hanging over deck railings and walls of Clubhouse and adjacent areas is prohibited.
  8. Association activities / meetings shall have priority use of the Clubhouse.
  9. The Association Board of Directors shall have the authority to deny the use of the Clubhouse for a function deemed contrary to the best interest and welfare of the Association.
  10. If music (i.e., disc jockey, band, audio sound system, etc.) is to be played at a function, music must be at a reasonable volume or all Clubhouse doors must remain closed so as not to disturb neighbors.
  11. The homeowner / resident shall ensure that all guests and service personnel park their vehicles legally and in an orderly fashion.
  12. The homeowner / resident shall make the necessary arrangements to have any rental equipment loaded in to and removed from the Clubhouse in a quiet manner.  Use of the handicap lift or other Association equipment for loading and unloading equipment from the Clubhouse is prohibited and may result in loss of Security Deposit. Equipment must be picked up and removed from the Clubhouse on the same day or by the morning after an evening function. The Association is not responsible for any damage, loss and / or theft of rental equipment.
  13. No smoking is permitted in the Clubhouse and the surrounding and adjacent areas at any time including the exterior deck and stairs, and the walkway under the deck
  14. The homeowner / resident renting the Clubhouse shall be responsible for complete clean up of the facility (interior / exterior) immediately after the function. This shall include, but is not limited to, placing all garbage in Clubhouse trash bins (north parking lot), cleaning the kitchen and bathrooms, cleaning and vacuuming the floors, cleaning the tables, counters, sinks, etc.
  15. Set-up and / or rental equipment deliveries for a function shall only take place during the hours the Clubhouse is available to rent.
  16. Barbecues shall not be used inside the Clubhouse or on the exterior upper deck. Only gas barbecues shall be used, and in the Clubhouse’s south parking lot, in parking spaces #2 through #4 only. Barbecues using wood, coal, paper, and / or any material which emit cinders / embers shall not be used at any time. Care shall be given to the surrounding vegetation and flammable elements
  17. The completed Rental Application & Agreement and appropriate payment must be submitted to the Association Management Office for review and approval.
  18. All interior furniture shall remain inside the Clubhouse and all exterior furniture shall remain outside at all times.
  19. The Clubhouse shall not be rented for events generating commercial revenue. Homeowners / residents may not charge invited guests for admission to functions.
  20. The Board of Directors and / or Management Office reserve the right to withhold some or all of the Security Deposit and / or impose fines or other discipline if any of the terms and conditions of this Rental Application & Agreement are violated.


The Clubhouse kitchen consists of a stove (stovetop requires the use of inductive cookware made of ferrous materials - metals to which magnets will stick, such as iron or steel), oven, microwave oven, a warming drawer, and a refrigerator. Also available for your use are five (5) square tables (40” x 40”), 20 matching chairs, five (5) 6-foot folding tables, and 25 folding chairs. Arrangements for the pool table and ping-pong table equipment should be made with the Association Management Office prior to your event / function.

For weekend events / functions, the Clubhouse keys must be picked up from the Association Management Office on the Thursday or Friday preceding the event / function, between the hours of 7:00 a.m. and 3:30 p.m. For weekday events / functions, the Clubhouse keys may be picked up from the Management Office on the same day of the event / function. One key opens the Clubhouse main doors, and the other key opens the trash bin enclosure, which is located in the Clubhouse’s north parking lot.

The Clubhouse alarm will be disarmed the morning of your reservation date. If for any reason the alarm sounds when the doors are opened, be prepared to show the responding Security Officer your copy of the completed, signed and authorized Clubhouse Rental Application & Agreement.

There is a fire extinguisher located in the entry foyer of the second floor. There is an Automated External Defibrillator (“AED”) located on site at the bottom of the interior staircase.


Name of Homeowner / Resident: __________________________________________________

Address: ______________________________________________________________________

Home Phone: _________________________________ CellPhone: _____________________

Email Address: _________________________________________________________________

Date of Function: _______________________________________________________________

Time Frame of Function: _________________________________________________________

Type of Function *: ______________________________________________________________

* On a separate sheet of paper please provide a complete description of the event, function or other purpose for your use of the Clubhouse. Include a list of equipment, games, entertainment, and / or activities you intend to have.

Number of Persons Attending: ____________________________________________________

Name, Address and Telephone of Caterer (if any): ___________________________________




I,                                                                                              , have agreed to pay the Bel Air Ridge Homeowners Association the Rental Fee of $                                    and the Security Deposit of $500 for my private event / function to be held on                                                           .  I further agree to be present throughout the entire private event / function, for which the Clubhouse is being rented, accepting full responsibility for the conduct of the persons attending the event / function.

I hereby certify that I have read, understand, and agree to the terms and conditions of the Claray Clubhouse Rental Application and Agreement. I understand that the Security Deposit shall not be a limit of liability in the event that any damages exceed the amount of Deposit held. I agree to compensate the Association for any damage to the Clubhouse and / or other Association Common Areas resulting from this rental and / or private event / function, and that such compensation shall be enforced by a Special Assessment pursuant to the Association’s CC&Rs and California Civil Code, relating to damage to Association Common Area.

I further agree to hold harmless the Bel Air Ridge Homeowners Association, its directors, officers,
employees, and agents from any and all liability for any personal injury and / or property damage sustained by the homeowner, his or her family, guests, invitees or others employed by him or her while using the premises and / or the Claray Clubhouse.

______________________________ ______________________________
Homeowner / Resident Signature Association Management Signature
______________________________ ______________________________
Homeowner / Resident Name Print Management Name
______________________________ ______________________________
Homeowner / Resident Address Management Title
______________________________ ______________________________
Date Date

(Amended August 2018)

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